2011: 72.82 inches of precipitation

The new year in Union County started with cold and windy conditions. Temperatures began to moderate at midweek.

The new year also started on a dry note – while 2011 came to an end with more than 6 feet of precipitation recorded last year in Anna.

Official weather observer Dana Cross recorded a total of 72.82 inches of precipitation during 2011 in Anna.

Cross noted that on the average, precipitation in Anna averages about 44 or 45 inches a year.

April and May were by far the wettest months of the year. Precipitation for the two months totaled more 2 feet.

Following are monthly precipitation totals for last year:

January: 1.20 inches.

February: 4.74 inches.

March: 4.45 inches.

April: 17.42 inches.

May: 10.46 inches.

June: 6.20 inches.

July: 2.65 inches.

August: 1.92 inches.

September: 7.40 inches.

October: 1.95 inches.

November: 8.63 inches.

December: 5.80 inches.

By the end of June, a total of 44.47 inches of precipitation had been measured. During the first six months of 2011, a year's worth of precipitation had been recorded.

The most rain Cross recorded in a 24-hour period last year was 4.49 inches, which was measured on May 2.

Snowfall for 2011 totalled 8.6 inches, including 3.6 inches in January, 3.0 inches in February, 1 inch in November and 1 inch in December.

The most snow measured in a 24-hour period during 2011 was 1.75 inches recorded on Feb. 5.

Temperatures during 2011 ranged from a high of 99 recorded on July 12 and 13 to a low of 0 on Feb. 10.

December Highlights

Following are December 2011 weather highlights:

The high temperature for the month was 69 degrees, which was recorded Dec. 21. The average high was 52.

The low for the month was 19, recorded on Dec. 11. The average low was 33.

A total of 5.8 inches of precipitation was recorded. The most precipitation in a 24-hour period was 2.46 inches on Dec. 5.

One inch of snow was measured on Dec. 27.

Past Week's Weather

The past week's weather was dry. No precipitation was recorded.

Temperatures for the period ranged from a high of 61 to a low of 15.

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