December 2015

Swap Up for Big Game Day

(<a href="">Family Features</a>) Chicken wings, guacamole, and cheesy dips are America’s top choices for most Big Game day menus, but the same recipes year after year can get tiring. Forget the same-old spread and surprise your guests with a little more taste and pizazz this year.

Put these tips into play for a winning combination your team can celebrate.

8 homeowner dilemmas solved with 1 simple fix

(BPT) - Unless you are the latest lottery winner or Queen of England (thank you for reading, your Majesty), you try to make your home improvements really count, and sometimes have to choose one upgrade over another. What if we told you there is a rather quick improvement that will take care of eight issues around the house, all at once?

Now sit back, read along and see how many of these common problems apply to you. If there are some you haven’t considered before — rejoice — there is your bonus! We’ll then reveal the one simple fix.

Winning Back Weeknight Cooking

(<a href="">Family Features</a>) Moms pride themselves on serving their families wholesome, homemade meals. But here’s the reality: 60 percent of moms think that coming up with dinner ideas is more difficult than getting their children to go to bed on time. Moreover, 61 percent of moms frequently order takeout or go out to eat because they don’t have the ingredients on-hand to make dinner. It’s time for a new strategy.


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