January 2016

Six Things That Raise Your Blood Pressure

(NAPSI)—Keeping blood pressure under control can mean adding things to your life, such as exercise, that help lower it. But you may not realize that it also means avoiding things that raise it.

If you or someone you care about is among the one in three U.S. adults—about 80 million people—with high blood pressure, you need to be aware of these six things that can raise blood pressure and thwart your efforts to keep it in a healthy range.

Try A Nutritious Twist On A Family Favorite

(NAPSI)—If your kids are like many, they’re happy to get their hands on chicken fingers. Now, you can improve on this fun food with the help of an ancient grain and a superberry. Try nutrient-rich millet or quinoa instead of plain breading, and tart-sweet lingonberries, which Dr. Oz has called a superfruit full of antioxidants, for the dipping sauce.

Here’s the recipe:

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Tips to Save Money on Paying Debt

(StatePoint) Over extending oneself on high-interest rate revolving debt purchases is not uncommon. Indeed, U.S. households who use credit cards have an average of $15,799 in credit card debt, according to the non-profit Consolidated Credit Counseling.

“If you’re not strategic about the way you make repayments, you could end up spending more paying down your debt, and at rates that may increase over time,” says Stephanie Cutler, vice president of Wells Fargo`s Personal Lines and Loans.

4 Nutritious Reasons to Drink Chocolate Milk

(<a href="http://www.familyfeatures.com">Family Features</a>) Chocolate milk is more than just a sweet treat. The drink you enjoyed as a kid actually has many nutritious benefits, in addition to its delicious, chocolatey taste.

<strong>It’s a Nutrient Powerhouse</strong>

Nutrition experts recommend adults consume three servings of milk and milk products a day, as milk is one of the top sources for three key nutrients – calcium, vitamin D and potassium.


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