January 2016

4 Nutritious Reasons to Drink Chocolate Milk

(<a href="http://www.familyfeatures.com">Family Features</a>) Chocolate milk is more than just a sweet treat. The drink you enjoyed as a kid actually has many nutritious benefits, in addition to its delicious, chocolatey taste.

<strong>It’s a Nutrient Powerhouse</strong>

Nutrition experts recommend adults consume three servings of milk and milk products a day, as milk is one of the top sources for three key nutrients – calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

How shifting supply and demand could end puppy mills and shelter killing

(BPT) - <span>You bring two types of cupcakes to your first-grader’s school party — chocolate and vanilla. The chocolate cakes are gone in minutes, while the vanilla ones linger. Next time, you’ll probably just buy chocolate cupcakes. Supply and demand is a simple economic principle even the youngest consumers can understand, and it’s the key to ending two industries that animal advocates would like to see go out of business forever — shelters and puppy mills.</span>

Taking control: Tips for managing diabetes

(BPT) - Ralph Mesa of Atlanta, Georgia, has been living with type 2 diabetes for more than 30 years. When his doctor first told him he had type 2 diabetes, Ralph didn’t think too much about it. He took the medication his doctor prescribed and was feeling fine. What Ralph didn’t realize is that diabetes can change over time and what he was doing was no longer enough to keep his blood sugar under control. Now Ralph has a message for other adults with diabetes: learn all you can about the condition and the things you can do to help manage your diabetes.

Job Security, Higher Income Two Benefits Of A College Degree, Experts Say

(NAPSI)—Whether you’re searching for a new job or moving up in your current career, a number of professions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Most career analysts and experts agree that a bachelor’s degree is a key asset that can offer professionals many advantages.

Yet, according to the Lumina Foundation, less than 40 percent of working-age Americans have a college degree. Many people today are choosing to forgo a college education and enter the workforce.


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