Business 'outsourcing'

<p class="p1">Business "outsourcing" is a common practice. It goes back to Henry Ford, and probably further, with the notion that a business needs to only produce what it can at the best price and if someone else can do it cheaper, outsource it to them. Thus, the final product is less expensive.</p><p class="p1">I'm sure most readers have been irritated with foreign voices when they are making cell phone and other technology inquiry calls. Banking matters are particularly upsetting. Newspaper production also has fallen into this practice for economy.</p><p class="p1">Most Southern Illinois newspapers outsource or pool production of advertising design and page layout. Local payrolls can be cut to improve bottom-line profit with little regard to the impact on the community they serve.</p><p class="p1">Reppert Publications and its affiliated newspapers, now 12 in total, does not outsource. All jobs and production are kept local in the communities we proudly serve. </p>

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