Christmas time of magic, learning about birth of Jesus

To the editor,

Christmas will soon be here. It's a time of magic and learning about the birth of Jesus for little children.

The lights and the Christmas tree and pretty wrapped gifts under the tree.

It is a beautiful time of the year. That beauty should be there all year.

Then your heart hurts when you hear about all these little ones having their lives taken from them. I do not understand how a person can abuse, rape and kill one of these precious little ones.

I don't understand how anybody can kill another person. It seems life doesn't mean anything.

I also think of the ones who don't have a family or the ones who have lost loved ones.

Christmas is a time a lot of memories of your own childhood are so wonderful to think about.

But a cloud hangs over the whole world. There's a new year coming. I wonder what it will hold.

The Lord Jesus Christ has been put on a back burner and as long as he stays there the worse things will get. If we all would turn to him he would heal our land and he's the only one who can do it.

Those people in Washington can't help us. They don't know how. They think about themselves and their "party." Fighting all over the world.

The State of Illinois is in one big mess. Historic events all over the world should wake us all up.

God bless us all this Christmas season. And God bless the little children and elderly who can't help themselves.

Do something for the country: "Pray."

I also want to thank everyone who worked so hard on the decorations in downtown Anna. They are beautiful.

Anna-Jonesboro is a great, pretty city to live in.

Merry Christmas, Roberta J. Middleton, Anna

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