A creature that only a mother could love? The bug was spotted recently on your writer's big green garbage can.
For this week, yours truly considered writing a colyum about something that had not happened yet. However, that would have been some more FAKE NEWS, and we're all done with that silliness. Well, I am... A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday evening to be more precise, yours truly was doing one of his...
This is not Chuck. I'm guessing that this is one of Chuck's northern cousins. Chuck's cousin apparently is not very bright, either, because he/she was playing alongside the road, which was good when it comes to generating a somewhat blurry photograph, but not so good when it comes to longevity.
This week, dear readers, allow me to wax philosophical. And, you're asking yourself: What exactly does he mean when he's going to wax philosophical?  Thank you for asking. To be honest with you, to wax philosophical was one of those things I've heard hundreds of times on the Journey Through Life....
Main course? Guess it could be. Earthworms are high in protein, and are really easy to find. This one was already cooked, too...tasted like chicken...
WARNING: If you are squeamish about eating dead things, other than hamburger, Please DO NOT Read This. If you are a member, or supporter, of PETA, Please DO NOT Read This. A fellow traveler on The Journey Through Life passed through The Paragraph Factory one morning last week and mentioned...
The Trail of Tears State Forest on a recent cool spring night. We had motored to the state forest to share its beauty with a visitor from the east. This is one of the images that yours truly has had fun creating with the use of a nifty "solarize" tool in Photoshop.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave, especially when it's Monday morning, a deadline is fast approaching, and a famous dead poet has not stepped up to write this column, mainly, of course, 'cause he's still dead. That's why you get to see a whole bunch o' pictures this week.  When it comes to the...

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