Letter: Anna resident concerned about proposed yard sale regulations

To the editor,

I wish to express my concerns regarding the proposed regulations of yard sales by the city council of Anna.

I have lived in Anna since 1985 and I have resided in Union County since I was in the 5th grade at Cobden Grade School. My husband has lived in Anna since 1969. We have been avid "yard sellers," both as buyers and sellers.

When I was employed at the Florsheim Shoe Company in Anna, a friend of myself and my husband's always joked about us buying too much at yard sales or having too many yard sales and having to be fearful of the "Yard Sale Police."

I never took him too seriously and I never thought I would be typing this letter now 28 years later.

If I didn't think the proposed regulation of yard sales was an important issue I would not be taking the time or putting forth the effort to voice my opinion.

As I have been informed that some of the proposals by the City of Anna would include but not limited to: for residents to acquire permits for sales, limit sales to no more than two per year, the possibility of having designated locations other than at our own homes and dates and times to be set forth by the city council.

Many people in this community look forward to yard sale season and enjoy going to and having yard sales.

I started going to yard/garage/rummage sales with my grandparents, Walter and Grace Hawkins, when I was just a child. They would have yard sales at their farm in rural Cobden. It was a time of socialization for the community and time well spent with family, friends and neighbors.

I also remember helping my grandma with the church rummage sale that was held in Alto Pass.

My grandchildren are now at the age that they want to go to sales to find that special toy, meet new people and make memories that will last a lifetime as mine have.

I have seen old friends at yard sales and people giving support and prayers in bad times. I have heard history being retold and out of towners commenting on the pleasant atmosphere of Anna while passing through enjoying our town.

I cannot imagine that the bad outweighs the good things that happen at yard sales.

At a time when paychecks don't go as far as they might need to the extra income from a yard sale helps pay the bills, buy gas, much needed medicines and even provides a way to buy school supplies, clothes and puts food on the table for many children.

The monies generated at yard sales help support every business in Anna and the surrounding communities from the mom and pop diner to the major chain stores and the city utilities.

All this money also generates local, state and federal tax revenue which in turn helps pay the salaris of municipal employees, public employees, city officials and council peoples.

And after the sale a lot of the time items left over are donated to charitable organizations which also help support the community.

I cannot believe the city council of Anna would want to limit the ability of its citizens to help their community or provide for their families.

Almost any given weekend you can go yard saling, weather permitting, which adds up to a nice way to keep people active and enjoying the camaraderie, and the search for a bargain or treasure that only comes from a local yard sale.

I understand the concern of safety in our community but are we going to blow this out of proportion when there are many reasons traffic can cause a problem?

Are we going to limit the number of family gatherings or the amount of people we can have at our homes? Should we have designated times for parents to pick up their children at school or ballgames to prevent road congestion for an anticipated emergency that may or may not happen? I wouldn't think so.

It is my opinion, parking issues should be treated as such and yard sales should be left to home owning, tax paying voters.

If someone is going to have a permanent sale I could understand that a permit should be obtained from the city, but for most people that isn't the case and why punish the majority when the few could be dealt with? Don't we have a nuisance ordinance already in place?

If you feel the same way I do, I ask that you contact your mayor, Jim Cross at the Anna City Hall, on Monday and express your concern or your stand on this issue.

You can also contact City Commissioner David Isom, Al Kamp, Michael Bigler or Martha Ann Webb before it's too late.

If you are able to get to City Hall to fill out a complaint form stating your opinion that will also be appreciated.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my feelings and I hope others will help me to keep some of our rights in our community that only benefits our businesses and the people who are trying to survive in our town.

Sincerely, a concerned tax paying voter, resident of Anna, Linda Bradley

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