Local business again sponsors holiday writing contest or students

A Union County business continued a holiday season tradition in 2010 by sponsoring an annual writing contest.

The contest, sponsored by Rusty's Home Center in Anna, was open to 3rd grade students at Union County area schools.

"What Christmas Means to Me" is the theme of the annual contest.

Each winner receives a giant Christmas stocking presented by Rusty's Home Center. The stocking is filled with gift items.

Following are the winning entries in the 2010  contest (the entry from Dongola had not been made available):

By Kalynn Grant

Lick Creek

Christmas is here and this is my list of things. Christmas is fun because it is happiness, giving thanks, and Jesus' birthday. I think it is a good holiday.

One reason I like Christmas is happiness. It is beautiful, and we do it every Christmas Eve. We celebrate and we love each other. We hang stockings, too. I love my family and we go outside and play in the snow. We play snowball fights. I play snowball fights with my family. I hit my big brother with a snowball.

Another reason I like Christmas is thanks. I like thanks because it is giving gifts and giving Christmas cards. On Christmas day we eat Christmas food and Christmas drinks. After that we go outside and play in the snow. We make snow angels.

Finally, it is Jesus' birthday on Christmas Day. We make cake and celebrate his birthday. After that we eat Christmas food and we drink Christmas drinks. We have fun and we go outside and make a Jesus snowman, we pretend he is there with us, and we sing happy birthday to our Jesus snowman.

Now you know why Christmas means a lot to me. It means happiness, thanks, and Jesus' birthday.

By Jenna Hartline


Christmas is very special to me in different ways. Christmas means loving and caring for others. Christmas also means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I think Christmas is the best time of year! Christmas is a time for me to see my family. Christmas is also time for presents, but it is not all about the presents. I love Christmas! Christmas means a lot to me!

By Sally Sims


This is what Christmas means to me. What Christmas means to me is that it's a beautiful time of the year. It is a very happy time of the year and its Jesus' birthday. Being around family is also nice.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year. All the lights, the white snow on the ground, the ice sparkling everywhere and everything is a white winter wonderland.

Christmas is a magical time of the year. Most people believe in Santa Claus and all the reindeer and elves. They add a little more magic to the world. Most people let a lot of magic into their hearts around Christmas.

Christmas is a happy time of year. There is magic in the world. Everyone is so happy because they are around their family! Merry Christmas!

By Jenna Watkins


To me Christmas is not just about gifts or food it is about Jesus' birthday. We also used to go to my great grandmas house for Christmas but it got infested with squirrels. So she had squirrel poison on the floor. I couldn't bring my dog Haley over because she would eat the poison. I love to spend time with family also! We might have Christmas at my house this year! I like to talk and watch movies together. I like to watch the little kids open presents. I love eating together by the Christmas tree. This is what Christmas means to me.

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