New film wraps up shooting in Cape


<p class="p1">Filming for a new motion picture, <a href="" target="_blank">"Love Chronicles (of the Cape),"</a> took place during the second weekend of January in Cape Girardeau. 

<p class="p2">The movie only had three days to complete filming and used several people from the area in the film.

<p class="p2">The film is described as a faux documentary about love with a comedic spin. 

<p class="p2">Writer and director <a href="" target="_blank">Dan Steadman</a> said he had a lot of inspiration from real-life stories from those who auditioned. 

<p class="p2">"Some of them are non-fiction. Others, I made up myself," Steadman said.

<p class="p2">One of their final scenes came from a real-life experience from an actor from Cape Girardeau.

<p class="p2">The scene was shot at the Shawnee Park Center and  focused on a male cheerleader sneezing and wiping snot on a fellow female cheerleader. The scene required several extras from the area.

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<p class="p2">Jessica Ambuehl, who plays the interviewer, and Chris Murphy, who plays the cameraman, both said that shooting a film in three days was different from what they have previously experienced.

<p class="p2">"It's a challenge," Murphy said, who has previously worked with Steadman on films like "Jesus People."

<p class="p2">"This is a refreshing tale," he added.

<p class="p2">Working within a three-day time frame had it's benefits for the actors.

<p class="p2">"It works because most of us here have other jobs and it doesn't take us away from our families," Ambuehl said. 

<p class="p2">Other sites in Cape Girardeau will be part of the film, including Cape County Park and Cup n' Cork. 

<p class="p2">There are several different scenarios, from a paraplegic race car driver to a redhead, redneck family.

<p class="p2">Due to a short time-frame, most scenes had to be shot outside. Rain and cloudy days usually represent gloom and doom, but Steadman said it added to the scenes and made the actors adapt.

<p class="p2">"It made the scenes funnier," Steadman said.

<p class="p2">"To watch people adapt to their surroundings and from theatrical acting to film acting was neat to watch."

<p class="p2">According to the actors, Steadman was flexible with his script.

<p class="p2">"Dan's good with writing a script, but not being married to it. There is some improv in the film," Murphy said. 

<p class="p2">Steadman began directing Midwest films when he was asked to direct "Belleville."

<p class="p2">He grew up in Michigan and worked in public access television as a teenager. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he has spent most of his adult career working. 

<p class="p2">While working on "Belleville," his latest movie, set in Belleville, Illinois, he realized that he loved the talent in the Midwest.

<p class="p2">Out of 101 speaking roles, 99 of them are people from the Cape Girardeau area.

<p class="p2">"Love Chronicles (of the Cape)" is set to be released the first week of April.  

<p class="p1">Dan Steadman, left, discusses the sneezing cheerleading scene with actors as extras waited in the background. </p>

<p>The crew films the cheerleading scene with extras cheering in the background.</p>

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