County clerk shares update on voting

“We will be mailing out applications to all the voters who voted in one, two or all three of these past elections: the 2018 general election, 2019 consolidated election and the 2020 general primary election

Union County Clerk Lance Meisenheimer is sharing the latest update about voting in the 2020 general election, which is scheduled in November.

“We will be mailing out applications to all the voters who voted in one, two or all three of these past elections: the 2018 general election, 2019 consolidated election and the 2020 general primary election,” Meisenheimer stated.

The county clerk said that with the application to vote, a letter will be included which will explain to voters that they have a choice on how they still vote.

If a person wants to vote in person (early or on election day) they may disregard the letter and application, then they may shred or dispose of the application, he said.

If a voter does not receive a letter, he or she can go to the county’s website,, and click on “election info.” 

“Then follow the steps to get an application or simply call or write my office and we will get them the application to vote,” the county clerk stated.

The county clerk’s office can be contacted by phone at 833-5711.

“We are still planning to have every polling place open as usual on election day,” Meisenheimer said.

He noted that people can still early vote starting on Sept. 24 at the county clerk’s office. The clerk’s office is located at the Union County Courthouse in Jonesboro.

“We are also taking precautions with polling places and will have safety for the voters and election judges as our number one priority,” he said.

The letter which is being sent to voters follows:

Dear Voter, 

In these uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic, you are being notified of your option to request a vote by mail ballot for the upcoming 2020 General Election.  

PLEASE NOTE: The normal polling places WILL BE OPEN on Nov. 3, 2020. 

If you would like to cast your ballot in person at your local polling location or prefer early voting in the Union County Clerk’s Office, those options will still be available and you can disregard this letter.  

If voting by mail is a better option for you, simply follow the steps below, fill out the application on back of this letter and return it to the Union County Clerk’s Office by the dates specified below, or you can call our office 618-833-5711 to request an application for vote by mail.

•STEP 1: Complete an Application for a Vote by Mail Ballot

An application for vote by mail is included on back of this letter.  (As noted on the application, your ballot can be mailed to the address where you are registered or to any address that you specify on your application).

•STEP 2: Submit Your Application for Ballot to Your Election Authority

Your application must be submitted by the following method:

1. Mail delivery or in-person delivery to the Union County Clerk & Recorder at:

Union County Clerk & Recorder

309 W Market St, Room 116

Jonesboro, IL 62952

Please note: Applications for Vote by Mail Ballots must be received by Oct. 29, 2020, if sent through the mail, or by Nov. 2, 2020, if delivered in person.

•STEP 3:  Receive Your Ballot in the Mail

For voters who return their applications early, ballots will be mailed out starting on Sept. 24, 2020.  For applications received after voting by mail has started on Sept. 24, 2020, the ballots will be mailed within two business days after our office receives the application.  If you do not receive your ballot or have questions, you may contact our office at 618-833-5711.  

•STEP 4:  Vote and Return Your Ballot

Return your ballot to the County Clerk’s Office by mail or in person. If delivered, the ballot must be received prior to the polls closing at 7 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020. If mailed, the ballot must be postmarked by Nov. 3, 2020. 

You may confirm receipt of your ballot by calling our office at 618-833-5711.



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