Students from Jonesboro School look at an Illinois State Museum exhibit featuring a Pleistocene forest-tundra of 24,000 years ago. The exhibit shows a giant short-faced bear pursuing a Harlan’s musk ox. Photo provided.

Jonesboro students visit Illinois State Museum

Jonesboro School’s 8th grade visited the Illinois State Museum in Springfield May 10.

The trip was made possible through an Illinois biodiversity field trip grant.  

The main purpose of the trip was for students to get an up-close look at how the ecosystems in Illinois have changed throughout the years.

At the Illinois State Museum, students viewed a movie titled “Changes.”  

Students toured the “Changes” exhibit.  Students were able to explore the past 500 million years of environmental changes in what is now the State of Illinois.

The exhibit presents how the state was once a shallow tropical sea, then froze through the Ice Ages, and how it finally became the diverse landscapes of Illinois in the modern era.

Students left the museum with a deeper understanding of the state’s environments and the natural and human forces that shape the State of Illinois.

Jonesboro School received $1,280 to pay for transportation and other expenses. Teachers Pamela Turner and Cindy Pender, wrote the grant.


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