Letter: Surely adults can work out problems

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Posted: Friday, April 27, 2012 8:46 am

To the editor,

I am writing regarding the recent issue involving Dr. Ron Bittle and some members of the Union County Housing Authority Board.

It seems odd those board members waited until Dr. Bittle was out of town to bring up these issues, since this was the first meeting in 30 months he had missed.

Are they not adults capable of discussing issues and problems with each other in a civilized manner?

I have known Ron Bittle for many years and to call him "incompetent" is a shame.

I have talked to older people who live in the Anna Vista High Rise; they praise Ron Bittle for listening to them and hearing their concerns about their living environment.

Since he has been on the Housing Authority Board, they have improved the lighting, security, signage and living environment at this facility.

He has welcomed the people living in the housing to come to board meetings and express their concerns to the board.

When he became a member of the board, there were approximately 150 vacancies in the housing facilities, now the housing is 99 percent full.

Ron Bittle is an intelligent, Christian man, who has been trying to help improve the environment and living conditions of persons living in the Union County Housing Authority facilities.

When he becomes involved in a cause for other people, he does not take it lightly.

Talk to the elderly persons in the Anna Vista High Rise, and they can tell you how many improvements have been made since Ron Bittle has been on the board.

He may question hiring and spending practices, but it is in the interest of the persons who live in the housing facilities and to be certain that the requirements of HUD are met with the utmost standards of professionalism and to provide housing facilities that a person living in can be proud of and respect.

I encourage Mary McMahan and other board members, as well as Allen James, board attorney, to be up front with their issues and not wait three weeks to notifiy Ron Bittle of the actions that were taken at a board meeting when he was out of town.

Surely these adults can work out these problems without kicking someone off the board when they miss their first meeting after serving 30 months in a volunteer position.

I also encourage the Union County Board of Commissioners to not ignore 200 persons who live in the Anna Vista High Rise who support Ron Bittle in his position on the board and feel he has "enhanced our lives and improved our living spaces."

Signed, Linda B. LaFoon, Anna

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