<p class="p1">Last Thursday, which now seems like a day in a week far, far away, was one of those glorious days that we really didn't deserve on the 14th day of January. The sun was shining in a bright blue sky. An almost-warm wind was blowing, with the occasional blustery gustery.</p>...
<p class="p1">National Stress Awareness Day was Wednesday, Nov. 4. </p><p class="p1">I worry way too much about every detail. Sometimes, it makes me physically sick. </p><p class="p1">To counteract it, I have found several remedies that helped me out.</p><p...
<p class="p1">Maybe it's best just not to look at the labels...</p><p class="p1">...we're talking the labels on the food products we consume.</p><p class="p1">Not all that many years ago, I really did not pay attention to the labels. Then, not all that many years ago,...
<p class="p1">And so this is Christmas...</p><p class="p1">...well, almost.</p><p class="p1">Not quite sure how it happened, but the big day is just over a week away. But you'd never know that the Yule tide was coming in soon, thanks to rather warm temperatures we had...
<p class="p1">Sooooo, I thought to myself, I've actually used a couple of genuine tools without causing injury to myself, or anybody else, or damage to anything within arm's reach.</p><p class="p1">And I say tools only in the loosest sense of the word. I suppose a hand saw is...


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