<p class="p1">Sooooo...it's 1:09 in the p.m. on Monday...should have had this here thing done did last Thursday or Friday...</p><p class="p1">...sigh...</p><p class="p1">...since the deadline has come and gone, we shall, once again, share a few photographic images...
<p class="p1">The little piggy was chuckling. At me. Porky was having a big ol' hoot. Maybe it was chortling. Don't see a pig chortle much. Heck, don't even see the word chortle used much these days. </p><p class="p1">Truth be told, the piggy probably was snorkeling: a piggy kind...
<p class="p1">Back in the day, as in way back in the day, author H.G. Wells penned a fascinating tale about time travel. </p><p class="p1">(Mr. Wells, by the way, had the same initials for his first and middle names as this writer. He became very famous. Yours truly has become...
<p class="p1">This week, how 'bout some bugs in the dark and a boat on the water?</p><p class="p1">As you have probably noticed, summer has zoomed by, rather rapidly. And, what a summer of adventures we've had in the writer's household.</p><p class="p1">First up, The...
<p class="p1">As promised last time, we'll be sharing some culinary creations from Cahokia. Before we get to those delectable diversions, I wanted to share a solution to a bit of a mystery. And the mystery is even a little bit related to food. Sort of.</p><p class="p1">A couple of...


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