<p class="p1">This week's column is brought to you by the numbers 66, 1806, 1832, 1839 and 1847, which are accompanied by a hodgepodge of Hodgenville, a little bit of Lexington and a look at the Lincolns.</p><p class="p1">After somewhat of a "slow" start, the pace of our summer...
<p class="p1">Some folks may have checked out this space during the last couple of weeks and figured that the wordsmith was getting, well, lazy. And, in a sense, they would be right. Well, sort of. </p><p class="p1">Lazy might not be the right word. Somewhere in the English...
<p class="p1">"HEY ETHEL. DON'T LOOK. HE'S WRITIN' 'BOUT THEM CICADITYDID BUGS AGIN. ETHEL? ETHEL? OH, NO, THEM BUGS IS FLYIN' AWAY WITH ETHEL..."</p><p class="p3">Bear with me, folks. One more round of cicada stuff. Mainly because they kept landing on me while I was standing...
<p class="p1">Apparently, even the amphlippians were fish out of water last Friday.</p><p class="p1">Perhaps you remember last Friday and the deluge of almost Biblical proportions which we experienced in our part of the known world. I say "almost Biblical" in that the downpour...


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