An armadillo apparently was out for a stroll in the “cool” of the evening on Tuesday, July 5. Do you suppose an armadillo notices when the heat index is 120 degrees?A couple of groundhogs may have been scanning The Other Half’s garden and looking for breakfast one morning last week.

An armadillo goes for a stroll in the dark...

Please read this...

This week, we’re going to be kind of short and sweet... we’ll start with a math problem...

74 plus 84 unpleasant evening sitting on the porch swing.

At the time...about 9 p.m. Wednesday, July 6, the humidity was 74 percent, according to the fancy, high-tech thermometer on our front porch. The temperature at the time was 84 degrees. 

The two numbers, when combined, equaled my newly created and totally unscientific Front Porch Misery Index, which I might have called something else a couple of weeks ago. I’m too lazy to look back. 

The Front Porch Misery Index at about 9 p.m. on the night of July 6, would have been 158 degrees, which probably explained why I was getting soaked just sitting out on our porch swing.

Turned out the heat index on July 6 was 120.3 degrees on July 6 in our little corner of the world. 

And it was even warmer the day before. The heat index in Union County reached 123.2 degrees late in the afternoon on Tuesday, July 5. I’m guessing that was why The Other Half’s plants on our front porch were wilting when I got home from another tough day at The Paragraph Factory.

Speaking of the weather...

It crossed through my simple little mind that after some rain last Thursday afternoon, we might have considered tossing some shrimp out on the street and just steam cooked them in the summer heat...

Last week, you may recall, yours truly reflected on the profound observation that life doesn’t always go as planned...or something like that anyway.

Such was the case in our Journey Through Life during the past week. The unexpected happened...

With that in mind, we’ll close with a personal note...Jill and I are very grateful for the prayers and support we have received  following the death of her father in Lexington, Kentucky. Words are not adequate... 

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