Ahoy there, maties... there be “Dinosaur Pirates” afoot at Stinson Memorial Library in Anna... aarghhh...Not sure what this creature might be... saw it on a building on state property during a recent visit...

Dinosaur pirates...and two rainbows...all in one day

Please read this...

Dinosaurs...and rainbows...all in one day...

Wednesday morning, on the 25th day of the fifth month of 2022, yours truly paid a visit to Stinson Memorial Library in Anna. 

Back in the Before Times, my weekly routine included a visit to Stinson Memorial Library on Wednesdays. Then the plague arrived...the library was closed...the routine was interrupted. Given what many folks have had to experience, not being able to go to the library was not a really big deal.

Circumstances have changed, thank goodness, and I’ve been able to resume my routine. With that in mind, I paid a visit to the landmark Anna library on the aforementioned Wednesday in May.

As I was heading into the library, I happened to notice a sign along the sidewalk leading into the library. Actually, there were several signs. A whole story’s worth of signs, as a matter of the fact.

The story was titled “Dinosaur Pirates.” Well, now, your writer never really grew up when it came to dinosaurs. Quite honestly, though, I’d never made a connection between dinosaurs and pirates.

Turns out the signs are part of a little story trail which was on display on the library grounds. The trail is helping to encourage participation in a summer reading program which is scheduled to start in June at the library. Check it out. Reading is a good thing... for those of all ages... in any season.

And, if you pay a visit to the library, maybe you’ll get to see the story about dinosaur pirates. The timing is wonderful, since the new “Jurassic World” movie is roaring into the theaters...this week, I think.

As the 25th day of the merry olde month of May continued to unfold, Mother Nature shared some stormy, windy, thundery, rainy weather with us. 

As it so happened, while I was heading home after another hard day of crafting sentences at The Paragraph Factory, the sun broke through the clouds... and rain was still falling... perfect conditions for a rainbow.

And I saw one... and I’m pretty sure I also saw the end of the rainbow, too...in a field...off to my right... And you know what you find at the end of a rainbow? Lucky Charms. And maybe even a pot of gold. 

Well, at 55 miles per hour, it would have been hard to just stop in the middle of the highway, jump out of the car and run into a field while it was raining to pick up a pot of gold. The pot probably would have been too heavy to carry. Another missed opportunity...

A few minutes later, I saw another rainbow, which lasted for about 10 seconds. Didn’t even have a chance to see if there was a pot of gold.  

So, there you have it. Dinosaur pirates. Two rainbows. All in the same day. I wonder if there were rainbows when dinosaurs were wandering around on the planet on their pirate ships...

We’ll close this week with a bit of a personal note...happy anniversary to my sweetheart. The adventure continues...with all kinds of twists and turns...

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