The Trail of Tears State Forest on a recent cool spring night. We had motored to the state forest to share its beauty with a visitor from the east. This is one of the images that yours truly has had fun creating with the use of a nifty "solarize" tool in Photoshop.Spider webs 1 and 2 were spotted one morning recently when yours truly was heading to The Paragraph Factory.Spider webs 3 and 4 were pretty much right next to spider webs 1 and 2. Quite honestly, I'm surprised that I actually noticed the webs, 'cause yours truly usually isn't functioning on all cylinders first thing in the morning.One more "solarized" image: storm clouds which were billowing into the sky off to the south one evening last week.

Please read this...Oh, what a tangled web we weave...indeed

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, especially when it's Monday morning, a deadline is fast approaching, and a famous dead poet has not stepped up to write this column, mainly, of course, 'cause he's still dead.

That's why you get to see a whole bunch o' pictures this week. 

When it comes to the spider webs, not much explanation is needed. I just thought they looked "neat," for lack of a better word.

As for the pics of the state forest and the clouds: they are simply examples of yours truly having a little bit of fun at The Paragraph Factory.

The pics involve the use of a handy, dandy tool in Photoshop on my equally handy, dandy, but somewhat aging, MacBook Pro. The tool is called "solarize."

Please do not ask me to explain the technical aspects of "solarize," because that would force me to make up things, or to suggest that you pay a visit to Google.

"Solarize," in a word, makes some pics much more dramatic. And, with a deadline fast approaching, dramatic just might be a good thing.

Next time, I'm hoping to focus on pepper plants and time travel...we shall see...

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