A Canada goose looked like it might have been trying to make friends with some turtles on a log one afternoon last week at the pond at the Lincoln Memorial Picnic Grounds in Jonesboro. The turtles did not seem to be very interested in their visitor.

Spending time on Saturday evening with 'old friends'

Please read this...

So many things to write about...and so little time...

Didn’t expect to wake up and see frost on the windshield Tuesday morning. And yet, there it was...with a promise of more to come on Wednesday morning...


For all of you sports fans out there, let’s start with a little bit of soccer and spring football. To be honest with you, I am not a big fan of either soccer or spring football. 

With that being said, it’s pretty exciting to see how well the new Major League Soccer team in St. Louis is doing in its inaugural season. Same goes for the “reborn” XFL spring football league team in St. Louis. 

The success of the two teams makes me feel good, especially when I think about all of the bad things the owner of the now Los Angeles Rams said about St. Louis  when he fled the Midwest...


I had thought about using an image of a snake with this week’s column. The Other Half spotted a cute little garter snake in the backyard last Thursday, when the temperature was in the 70s.  

We both took some pictures of the critter. However, there are folks out there who really, really, really do not like to see snakes in any form whatsoever. Live snake? Nah. Picture of snake? Nah.

As a matter of fact, one time a few years ago, back in the Before Times (as in Before the Pandemic), I had someone call and ask me to promise to never, ever again put a picture of a snake in the paper... Hopefully, the image of a goose and some turtles will be OK...

Speaking of critters...I wanted to mention an unusual “road kill” which I spotted during the past week in our little corner of the world.

Most of us are used to seeing the “usual” sorts of critters existing in the past tense along our highways and byways. You know...skunks...groundhogs...raccoons...deer...turtles...snakes...armadillos...a vulture one time (which seemed rather ironic)...

Until last week, though, I had never seen a beaver which, I am assuming, had experienced a very bad encounter with a vehicle of some sort. 


The Other Half and yours truly spent some time last Saturday evening with some “old friends.”

Our “friends” appear on a program called “BBC Gardeners’ World.” We started watching episodes of the program online a year or two ago...and got hooked. 

The first episode of the program’s 2023 season aired in the middle of March...and we caught up with it over the weekend.

It was interesting to hear that gardeners in the United Kingdom have been coping with some of the same challenges faced by folks with green thumbs in the U.S. of A. Apparently, the folks on the other side of the pond had some very cold weather in December which was not kind to gardens.

The Other Half, as you may recall, really likes to garden. With Old Man Winter still hanging around, she started all kinds of seeds in various containers which found a home under grow lights upstairs at our humble abode.

She’s also been growing things in a greenhouse which became part of our world a couple of years ago, thanks to a fellow traveler on The Journey Through Life. The fellow traveler...and the greenhouse...came from the UK. Occasionally, when we watch “BBC Gardeners’ World,” we’ll catch a glimpse of a greenhouse that looks like the one we have in our backyard.

Thanks to that greenhouse, The Other Half has been harvesting all kinds of fresh greens, so we’ve been able to enjoy some very nice salads. And, thanks to her green thumb, we might even have some very early tomatoes. We shall see...

 (*As always, the word “Meanwhile” is used with apologies to a rather famous late night television host...who probably doesn’t read this column anyway.)

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