The moon was rising over a tree line in your writer’s hometown on the evening of June 22. As is often the case, a picture really does not do justice to the actual image which was unfolding.There it is...the last “super moon” of 2021...the photograph was taken as the moon peeked through the clouds.

A super moon...a faux pas or two...and other stuff

Please read this...

A couple of stops last week on the Journey Through Life involved some bad timing on your writer’s part.

Before we ponder a couple of faux pas, let’s shine some light on the last super moon of 2021. I heard on television that the last super moon of the year made an appearance in the night sky last week. I can’t image that anybody on television would steer me in the wrong direction when it comes to a super moon...or anything else, for that matter.

From what I was told, the super moon was lighting up the dark on Thursday night, June 24. So, in my never-ending attempt to take pictures in the dark, I wandered out into the night at about...well...let’s just say it was late.

And, just my luck, the sky was covered in clouds. At least for a little while. After about 20 minutes...or maybe half an hour...the super moon could be seen through the clouds. Hence, the photographs...hope you enjoy ‘em...

Oh...I guess since we’ve seen our last super moon of the year, the rest of the moons are just going to be plain, old moons...hardly worth looking at...

Now, let’s get back to those faux pas mentioned way back in the second paragraph of this masterpiece...

By the way, did you know that the plural of faux pas is...faux pas? Learned that on the internet.

The website explains: “The plural form of faux pas is faux pas.” However, the plural form is pronounced differently. The plural form of faux pas is pronounced: “bad timing.”

Actually, the plural of faux pas is pronounced something like “foe paz,” as opposed to the singular form, which is something like “foe pa.” Got it? 

Moving right along...

As it turned out, your writer’s foe paz both involved food...

One day last week, I paid a visit to a local business to pick up an order. I stopped by at around noon. Never really gave any thought to the fact that around noon is around lunch time for lots of folks.

When I arrived at the business, one person was manning the shop. I think I can safely say “manning” because the person was a man. 

The fellow in the business had a fork in his hand, and appeared to be enjoying a salad for the lunch which I had now interrupted. I apologized. He was very nice about it. 

At about that very moment, another vehicle arrived with a delivery for the business. Guess that figured. It’s probably one of those unwritten laws – if you are by yourself at work, that will be the time that a semi hauling a trailer with 12,000 pallets stacked as full as they can be with parcels that weigh about 80 pounds each will arrive...and the delivery needs to be unloaded RIGHT NOW and the driver can’t help you because...well, just because...

I did the best I could to take care of picking up my order as quickly as possible. The fellow at the business was very nice. I hope he finally got to finish his salad.

Faux pas number two came a couple of days later. This time, yours truly was making a telephone call to a “source.” In journalism, a “source” is somebody who kindly puts up with any number of irritating phone calls, emails, conversations and dumb questions.

At the time I contacted this source, he was, of course, in his office, by himself. At the time, he was just trying to enjoy a cookie. Chocolate chip.

This led to a brief, but interesting question about our favorite cookies. We agreed that it’s pretty hard to beat chocolate chip...fresh out of the you can almost conjure up the heavenly aroma at this very moment...

I apologized to my source for interrupting a cookie break. I think he had another cookie waiting...

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