A crescent moon was shining brightly in the summer sky Thursday night, July 23.

This week, we're shooting the moon...

Please read this...

This week, we’re going to shoot the moon, so to speak. We’re kinda havin’ to do that because Plan A didn’t work out, as sometimes happens.

Here’s a bit of a follow-up to a previous item...

...yours truly spent some more outside in the dark of night in what proved to be several fruitless attempts to spot the COVID-19 comet, or whatever it’s called. 

Fortunately, I was able to make a couple of concrete observations...

...first, thank goodness for the moon, which tends to shine brightly in the night time sky. That makes spotting the moon much easier than spotting a comet which is “supposed” to be visible to the naked eye. 

I was thinking that somebody had made up the whole comet thing just to fool me. Then, one evening last week, a couple of fellow travelers on the Journey Through Life happened to stroll by on a summer evening. One of the travelers happened to mention that he thought he had actually caught a glimpse of the comet out of the corner of his eye.

So, for a couple of nights, I went outside and stared up at the sky, out of the corner of one eye...then another...still didn’t see the comet...

...oh, well, like I mentioned last week, the comet will be back in about 7,000 years...we’ll just have to try again...

...speaking of doing things at night...

...last Friday night, Bob the cat and I spent some more special time together out on our porch. I know, you may be getting tired of reading about Bob. Hey, I’ve got space to fill.

While Bob was watching the world, I was listening to the St. Louis Cardinals’ 2020 season opener. In July. On the radio. Yup. Three more strange things in what is proving to be a very strange year.

The Cardinals’ 2020 opener was delayed, as you may know, by the little global pandemic thing that we’re dealing with. So, they got to start the season in July. Sixty games are on the schedule. We’ll see how that goes...and things weren't looking all that great on Monday...

And, yes, some folks still do listen to things like baseball games on the radio. A battery-powered Sony Walkman radio/cassette player to be more specific. The radio has AM and FM. The cassette player works, sort of. If you like to listen to music in very slow motion, then my Walkman is just what you need.

Listening to the game was a bit odd. The game was being played at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Thanks to the pandemic, there weren’t any fans. Didn’t matter, though. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we still had the sounds of a crowd. Yup. It was odd indeed. 

By the way: way back in the first sentence, I mentioned something about shooting the moon. Did you know that shooting the moon originally meant to “depart by night with one’s goods to escape back rent”? Supposedly, the meaning dates to 1829. I found it on the internet. So it’s true. 

And now, without further adieu dieu, a little bit of levity to help you make it through another week...

...from worstjokesever.com...

Thursday: I bought a wooden whistle. But it wooden whistle. So I bought a steel whistle. But it steel wooden whistle. So I bought a lead whistle. But it steel wooden lead me whistle.

Friday: I tried to sue the airport for misplacing my luggage. I lost my case.

Saturday: Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Sunday: If you’re waiting for the waiter at a restaurant, aren’t you the waiter?

Monday: I have a fear of speed bumps. But I am slowly getting over it

Tuesday: I entered ten puns into a contest to see which one would win. No pun in ten did.

...and, from parade.com...

What did the grape say when it got crushed? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

Stay safe.

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