A tiny fossil coral (too bad it wasn't a clam) fell off a slab of rock which yours truly received in a box of rocks last week. The quarter did not come in the box of rocks.
Let’s start this week with a really important question in the form of the following headline: Should you upgrade to PlayStation 5? This really important question was asked in a daily news publication which arrives in our mailbox on a fairly regular basis. Can’t be sure that we’ll get today’s...
At water’s edge...sort of...some water near Kaolin Road, between Anna and Cobden, made for a somewhat dramatic photo...with a little bit of help from the camera angle.
Nope. Was not ready for it to be dark at 5 o’clock last Sunday evening. Then again, there really wasn’t much to do about it.  Daylight saving time came to an end during the wee hours of Sunday morning. Guess that kind of brought an “unofficial” end to summer, which had officially ended back in...
During the final days of the 2020 election campaign, Halloween Party candidate Jack O’Lantern paid a visit to Union County. The candidate revived an old-time campaign tradition by making a stump speech. He spoke on an actual tree stump. The candidate said that he has not been spooked by the ongoing pandemic. While admitting to engaging in a few campaign tricks and possibly weaving a web of deceit, Mr. O’Lantern also promised a bag full of treats for good boys and ghouls. The sounds of “Monster Mash” filled
Trick-or-treat.  Yup. Halloween is right around the corner. The calendar on the wall right in front of me shows that Saturday is the Big Day. And there will be a full moon, too. That should make things exciting. Normally, The Other Half and yours truly would be making plans for Halloween. We would...
One of my favorite photographs from our visits to the Fort Massac Encampment. The image was captured at the 2015 encampment...and was used on the cover of a tourism publication which we create here at the paper.
So, the plan was, on the morning of the third Saturday in October, we would get in the car, motor to Metropolis, and spend part of our day at the Fort Massac Encampment. The plan might have flashed through my simple little mind months and months and months ago... ...of course, my plan did not take...
A couple of fossils discovered by yours truly while wandering around in Union County. Believe they are fossils of critters called brachiopods.
This week, we’re making note of National Fossil Day, which was celebrated around the world and throughout the universe on October 14 with parades, hoopla and lots of other exciting activities. Speaking of fossils, let’s start with something I saw about a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil skeleton which sold...
A face only a mother could love...a possum ended up in a live trap in our backyard one night last week. A possum was not what we had planned to catch. Important message: No animal was harmed during the taking of this photograph.
This week, as we do sometimes, we’ll offer up a helping of a little bit of this...and a little bit of that... Ugh... ...had to go outside first thing Monday morning to take care of frost on the windshield. Yup. Frost. On October 5. Seems just a little bit early. Wonder if that means it will snow on...
The moon, as it appeared last Saturday night in a clear, early autumn sky over Union County.
You folks probably knew that International Observe  the Moon Night was last Saturday. No? I didn’t either.  While scrolling through exciting stuff on my tablet early last Saturday evening, I came across a story about...you guessed it...International Observe the Moon Night. Further research on the...
Kind of creepy? Or, maybe more likely, your writer’s imagination has gone just a little bit overboard. Take a close look at this pic of a sweet gum tree. See anything?
Once again, this week’s word adventure began when your writer went on a walk...or two... Let’s start with our word for the week, which, as the caption under one of the photographs declares, is “xeric. Xeric, it seems, is a word which means the opposite of wet.  I’ll be honest with you. Until last...
A butterfly landed on the photographer’s shirt sleeve. Just a moment before, the same butterfly had landed on the photographer’s leather watch band. Trying a take a photograph of a butterfly which has landed on you is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do.
Last week, I mentioned in this space that I had run out of words, so there were several big pictures of critters instead. I also mentioned that you didn’t have to worry, because I had ordered some words on Amazon. That was kind of a joke.  Should have known better. Little did I know, but you can...
This week, we’re going to start with an appetizer before the main course..a pair of cucumbers that grew together and a potato that resembles a mouse... Cheri Beegle of Cobden grew the unusual cucumber/s. Her niece, Bekkah Schemonia of Pomona, grew the potato...with ears...and a tail...in her garden.
At the time I started writing this Sunday night, the weather forecast was suggesting that we might get to experience the tail end of a hurricane this week... ...well, now, I suppose that figures. After all, we haven’t had a hurricane yet. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens... ...not...


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