Paper boy, girl appreciation

<p class="p1">Reppert Publications and its affiliated newspapers do not use the services of contract delivery persons for our weekly newspapers – often referred to as paper boys, or girls. It is not efficient for weekly publications, and the U.S. Postal Service is used for subscriber delivery.</p><p class="p1">Most daily newspapers still use paper boys, or girls, for delivery. It is for these people that I speak out.</p><p class="p1">Reading a daily newspaper, delivered to your door, is a good thing. I encourage it and regret that daily subscriptions have been on the decline.</p><p class="p1">During this holiday season, please remember those who accept the job of daily newspaper delivery. The bad weather, awful working hours, mean dogs and long walks are but a few of the challenges.</p><p class="p1">Their compensation is about 8 cents each per delivery, and they pay for bags, rubber bands, and most have to assemble the newspaper. Our publications can pay triple this cost based on advertising volume and destination to the Postal Service.</p><p class="p1">Please consider a kind financial Christmas gift and a note of thanks to your paper boy, or girl. </p>

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