Parents encouraged to talk to their teens about alcohol, drug use

This message is presented by The Fellowship House Prevention Program.  If you have any questions, call 833-4460 or 833-2194.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their teens about the use of alcohol and drugs. Here’s how.

Learn The Facts

You can influence your teenager's behavior, particularly if you are armed with the facts about drugs and alcohol.

Having a clear understanding about the risks of illicit drugs/alcohol and knowing the signs to watch for in your teenager is a critical first step.

Know how alcohol interferes with concentrating on schoolwork and their ability to play sports.

If they don't hear about drugs and alcohol from you, it's a sure thing that they'll hear about them from someone else.

Also, make certain that they understand the legal trouble and health consequences that they may encounter if they use drugs/alcohol.

Give your child plenty of information about how alcohol affects them physiologically.

You don't have to deliver a science report, but tell them about alcohol's impact on a young person:

In some situations alcohol reduces inhibitions, leading to a wide range of risky situations.

In other cases, usually in larger amounts, it can act as a depressant, potentially leading to sleep, comas and even death.

Physically, alcohol affects many of the body’s organs and systems. It can irritate the stomach lining, make people lose their balance, throw up and become unable to focus or speak clearly.

In rare circumstances an overdose, known as alcohol poisoning, can kill.

Emotionally, it can make young people stressed, angry and violent.

Mentally, it can interfere with normal brain development.

Alcohol affects learning and memory, slows reactions, and often makes kids lose interest in getting good grades and staying in school.

Drinking too much over a long period of time can damage major organs, including the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and bone marrow.

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