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Saw these kitties last Saturday evening in the big city, not far from downtown Anna, where the Annabelle Festival was happening. Just for the sake of the moment, we’ll call the grayish kitty Annabelle. Kitty, as kitties do, tolerated a photo or two.
Goodness, gracious, it sure has been H-O-T in our little corner of the world... Monday night, I waited until the sun had gone down and things were a little bit “cooler.” I wanted to see the strawberry supermoon, too. As hot as it was, I figured the strawberry supermoon would have been accompanied...
A tiny fossil coral (too bad it wasn't a clam) fell off a slab of rock which yours truly received in a box of rocks last week. The quarter did not come in the box of rocks.
Let’s start this week with a really important question in the form of the following headline: Should you upgrade to PlayStation 5? This really important question was asked in a daily news publication which arrives in our mailbox on a fairly regular basis. Can’t be sure that we’ll get today’s...
Quite honestly, this has nothing to do with meteors falling from the sky in broad daylight. However, it does have to do with Latin, which is supposed to be a dead language, mainly because everybody who speaks it, at least on a regular basis, mortuus est.* The message was posted on a sign which stands on the grounds of the Anna fire and police station.
That figures. A potential harbinger of the apocalypse appears in the sky, right over our heads, AND I MISSED IT. Of course, maybe you did, too. A fellow traveler on the Journey Through Life paid a visit to my cubicle last Thursday afternoon and asked if I had seen the meteor. I am pretty sure that...

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