Please read this...Mother Nature brings us a toad-choker


<p class="p1">Apparently, even the amphlippians were fish out of water last Friday.</p><p class="p1">Perhaps you remember last Friday and the deluge of almost Biblical proportions which we experienced in our part of the known world. I say "almost Biblical" in that the downpour lasted about six or seven hours, as opposed to a full 40 days and 40 nights. </p><p class="p1">Maybe what we experienced was more of a chapter out of the Old Testament as opposed to the entire Good Book. Something out of Lamentations? Perhaps that can be debated in a Sunday School class.</p><p class="p1">Prior to the arrival of our semi-apocalyptic, not quite "The Flood" flood, The Other Half had left town. Well, I think she left town. I didn't see her on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. </p><p class="p1">She told me that she was going to a family reunion in one of the states with a name that has just four letters and lots of vowels. No, it was not Ohio. It was one of the other ones. </p><p class="p1">The Other Half has gone on these family adventures many times over the years. And it seems like every time she leaves, some sort of exciting adventure unfolds on the home front. </p><p class="p1">One year, she left and took the electricity with her. We were out of power for a day or two. Or maybe it was a month. I don't remember, for sure, other than it was really dramatic.</p><p class="p1">Another time, she was gone during the cold of winter. While she was gone, our furnace decided to stop functioning properly. As you know, a furnace is quite essential to keep one warm. Especially on the coldest night in more than a century, which may, or may not happened, while she was absent.</p><p class="p1">So, The Other Half missed the 4 inches of rain which soaked our backyard. This is not to say, however, that she completely missed the rainy adventure.</p><p class="p1">Friday night, she called from the state with a four-letter name that she was visiting. As we were talking on the modern telephone thingy, I stepped outside onto the front porch, just to see if the rain had finally stopped.</p><p class="p1">The precipitation had indeed come to an end. However, out of the dark of the night (it's often dark at night where we live), came a sound from a creature which did not sound particularly happy.</p><p class="p1">My initial thought was that a crow had gotten way, way too wet, if such a thing is possible. I listened for a moment or two. The Other Half could hear it, too, off in four-letter state land. Whatever kind of critter was out there in the wet and the dark was very l-o-u-d.</p><p class="p1">After we had finished our conversation, I wandered into the dark to see if I could  find the source of the sound. Turned out it was a toad, or, at least some sort of amphlippians. I could not tell, for sure. I was wearing the wrong glasses. Anyway, I nudged the noise-maker, which hopped away into a wet and squishy yard.</p><p class="p1">I guess that we had us a good ole fashioned toad-chokin', toad-stranglin', toad-floatin', toad-drowndin', toad-gurglin', toad-soakin', toad-swimmin' amount of rain last Friday.  I wonder if there's anything about that kind of weather in the Old Testament. Hmmmm...seems like I do remember something about frogs fallin' from the sky...</p>

This depicts a lazy way to shoot a picture of a downpour: Open side door at The Paragraph Factory. Look outside. Realize that it is raining. Take picture. Go back to comfy hole in wall at The Paragraph Factory. Feel smug about staying dry.

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