Please read this...Taking a weekend journey back in time


<p class="p1">Last Saturday was one of those rare and wonderful days that you wish wouldn't come to an end...</p><p class="p1">The Other Half and your intrepid observer of the Journey Through Life (that would be me) went on another one of our occasional time traveling adventures.</p><p class="p1">Our journey began on a beautiful, bright, sunny, cool and crisp Saturday morning in the 21st century. Our time traveling destination was the 18th century.</p><p class="p1">As you might have surmised, we motored to the annual Fort Massac Encampment, which was held last weekend in Metropolis. In this case, time travel was pretty easy: head east on Illinois Route 146, go kind of south on Interstate 57, make our way to Fort Massac State Park, park car, get out of car, take a stroll back to the 1700s.</p><p class="p1">We've been making the trek to the Fort Massac Encampment for a number of years. The encampment offers a fascinating glimpse into a time which, while in the past, is brought to life by reenactors who take what they are doing seriously, and, as near as we can tell, with a little bit of fun thrown in, too.</p><p class="p1">The Other Half's first stop was to visit a lace-making exhibit. She is into such crafty things, which are way beyond my abilities. Truth be told, folks who make lace are true artists. And much, much, much more patient than yours truly could ever hope to be.</p><p class="p1">As we wandered away from the lace-makers, I could hear the magical tunes of bagpipes, fifes and drums. At some point in my Journey Through Life I came to really like such music.</p><p class="p1">"Why do I like bagpipe music?" I asked The Other Half as we walked toward the source of the sounds. I fully expected her to have an answer for a question which, in all honesty, she probably couldn't answer. I'm not sure I know why I like such music. </p><p class="p1">We were able to enjoy a complete performance featuring bagpipes and fifes and drums and a Union Jack unfurled in a cool autumn breeze and a reenactor wearing a kilt who performed a dance which involved a couple of swords and the firing of weapons from days long since gone. It was mesmerizing.</p><p class="p1">At that point, I could have gone home. Happy. But we still wanted to see what there was to see. And there was a lot to see.</p><p class="p1">I also had one more important stop to make. I had to get a cookie. A group of folks at the encampment were once again baking cookies and other tasty treats in a stone oven. The Other Half suggested that I try one of the lavender cookies. She said they were wonderful. Indeed, they were.</p><p class="p1">We walked back to our car, and the 21st century. We took the "back roads" to head back home. On the way, we listened to "old-time" music which was playing on the radio. </p>

A unique performance and a special memory.

A reenactor plays a fife.

Drum roll.

Making music on a dulcimer.

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