Lick Creek School girls win Egyptian meet; boys second

The Lick Creek School girls’ track team won the Egyptian Junior High Conference meet. The Lick Creek boys took second.

Girls Results

High jump: Kaylee Stover, 3rd place, 4’4”; Hannah Miller, 4th place, 4’2”.

Long jump: Hannah Miller, 2nd place, 14’9.2”; Shea Thorn, 3rd place, 12’9.5”.

Shot put: Kristin Edmonds, 2nd place, 28’1”.

Discus: Erin Overstreet, 2nd place, 65’7”.

Hurdles: Addie Denny, 19.28, 1st place; Miranda Miller, 20.9, 4th place.

400 M Relay: Lick Creek, 1st place, 103.72.

400 M: Brodie Denny, 1st place, 108.82; Jadyn Gerardi, 5th place, 116.50.

1600 M: Kyleigh Matuszewich, 6.11.30, 1st place; Julia Hall, 6.14.88, 2nd place.

Varsity Relay: Lick Creek, 209.14, 1st place.

7th Grade 100 M: Kristin Edmonds, 14.91, 2nd place; Kaylee Stover, 15.71, 6th place.

8th Grade 100 M: Jaiden Foster, 14.53, 3rd place; Miranda Miller, 14.88, 4th place.

800 M: Brodie Denny, 2:38.45, 1st place; Jadyn Gerardi, 2:55, 2nd place.

200 M: Kristin Edmonds, 29.65, 2nd place; Kaylee Stover, 31.28, 4th place.

1600 M Relay: Lick Creek, 4: 44.85, 1st place.

Team Scores

Lick Creek: 175. Cypress-Buncombe: 140. New Simpson Hill: 92. Joppa: 19. Dongola: 13.

Boys’ Results

High Jump: Brandon Wright, 4’10:, 1st place; Payton Denny, 3’10”, 5th place.

Long Jump: Kollyn Grant, 15’8”, 1st place.

Shot Put: Kaleb Brown, 34’1”, 4th place; Jude Smith, 6th place.

Discus: Kaleb Brown, 105’, 2nd place; Jude Smith, 77’9, 5th place.

Hurdles: Levi Moutria, 22.65, 5th place.

7th Grade Relay: Lick Creek, 1st place, 206.72.

6th Grade Relay: Lick Creek, 1st place, 100.40.

400 M Relay: No race.

400 M: Brandon Wright, 2nd place, 104.10.

1600 M: Levi Moutria, 1st place, 5.44.97, 6th place; Payton Denny, 6.38.88.

Varsity Relay: Lick Creek, 2nd place, 216.58.

7th Grade 100 M: Kollyn Grant, 13.26, 1st place; J.J. Gerardi, 14.8, 3rd place.

8th Grade 100 M: Kaleb Brown, 13.59, 3rd place.

800 M: Brandon Wright, 2.42.75, 1st place.

200 M: J.J. Gerardi, 28.35, 4th place; Kollyn Grant, 28.84, 5th place.

1600 M Relay: Lick Creek, 5.01.55.

Team Scores

Cypress-Buncombe: 146. Lick Creek: 122. New Simpson Hill: 112. Joppa: 23. Dongola: 15.

Lick Creek won the combined meet with a score of 297 over Cypress-Buncombe’s 286.

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