Students write about what Christmas means to them

Third grade students at Union County schools again this year were invited to participate in a special holiday season event sponsored by a local business.

"What Christmas Means to Me" was the theme of the event, which again was sponsored by Rusty's Home Center in Anna.

Students wrote about what Christmas means to them. Winners then were selected from each participating school.

Each winner received a giant Christmas stocking from Rusty's Home Center.

Following are the winning entries:

By Angel Olvera,


Christmas is time for family to come together even if you might not like them.

My biggest present is my family being together. I don't care what type of presents they give me. I appreciate what they give me.

I like my grandpa and grandma and all my family. I don't know how it would be with out them.

Christmas is not just about presents, it's the day Christ Jesus was born.

I feel sorry for the poor kids that couldn't have gifts.

Christmas is an awesome holiday. That's what Christmas means to me.

By Gabriel Loveless,


Christmas is about being with your family. Spending time with your family and seeing your family who you don't see often.

Poor people get stuff they need for Christmas.

I see beautiful lights at Christmas time and watching Christmas movies.

We drink hot cocoa and  watch snow fall down.

I like making cookies for Santa and leaving milk out for Santa.

We sing Christmas songs at night and hear his sleigh bells ring all through the sky. I see Rudolph's nose.

Christmas is the best holiday ever because I get to see Santa.

By Abby Langin,


Christmas means spending time with family. My family got in a fight and every Christmas my family forgives each other.

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus' birth. Christmas is a time to forget your worries and have fun.

Christmas is a time to be happy and help others be happy. Christmas is a time for sharing gifts we all enjoy. So go out and give a gift to a stranger, fill a soul with joy, make a frown a smile.

Every Christmas I like putting the ornaments on the tree and the youngest puts the singing angel on the top.

I like watching the presents under the tree pile up day by day. My favorite ornament is a witch's pot.

It makes me sad just to think some people can't hang ornaments on the tree and see presents at the bottom. I was homeless once so I know what it feels like.

I would give all my presents away to see a homeless person be happy.

By Daylon Jackson,

Lick Creek

Christmas means a lot of things to me. One of the things it means to me is getting together with family and friends. It is also about giving and receiving gifts. The most important thing is celebrating Jesus' birth.

Every Christmas we get together at grandma's house. My cousins, nephews, aunts, great aunts and uncles, great grandma, mom and dad, and I all go to grandma's on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We open presents, eat and play.

The most important thing about presents is giving them not about receiving them. Sometimes I give presents to friends and every Christmas we drop off the money we save in our Christmas Jar to the people that help the homeless.

Every Christmas we pray to Jesus and celebrate His birth. We go to church every Christmas for a church Christmas party. We play games, give people presents and have a huge tree on the stage.

Christmas means everything to me. It means celebrating Jesus' birth, giving and not as much about receiving and it means getting together with family and friends to celebrate.

By Matt Aden,


What Christmas means to me.

My family takes care of me. Me and my cousin play with each other. Me and my cousin see after.

We go to me gramme and open presents. Snow is bright. We get to play with snow every year. We make snow men every year and it is fun. Snow ball fights in my back yard.

Presents are fun. They are fun to open. They are fun to play with when they are open. They are fun to look at when it's not open.

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