Voters in four school districts should have their say

To the editor,

As many of you in the community may know, the State Superintendent of Education, Christopher Koch, on Dec. 23, 2011, approved the petition to form a new unit district within the territory of our four existing school districts.

In doing so, Superintendent Koch has allowed for the voters in Anna, Jonesboro and Lick Creek to have a voice on the proposition for reorganization at the regularly scheduled election on March 20, 2012.

Superintendent Koch stated in his decision that he believes the petition to be:

•In the best interest of the schools in the area.

•In the best interests and the educational welfare of the pupils residing therein.

Superintendent Koch further agreed with the supporters of the petition that the formation of a new unit district would result in:

•Keeping all current school facilities in use.

•Increasing opportunities to work together to ensure all students get the same education.

•Potentially saving money within the transportation program.

•Saving money through the elimination of duplicated services.

Presently, Anna District 37, Jonesboro District 43 and Lick Creek District 16 have spent over $11,000 on legal fees to stop the petition, at a time when all of our schools are struggling financially.

Please talk to your elected school board members and ask them to spend no more money on legal fees to fight the petition.

Four hundred voters from the Anna, Jonesboro and Lick Creek communities signed the petition to place the proposal on the March 20, 2012, ballot.

All voters, in all four districts should have the opportunity to have their votes count and their voices heard regarding this reorganization and its potential benefits to our children and our community.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Crews on behalf of the Committee of Ten

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