Coalition learns about dangers of methamphetamine

Union County Sheriff Scott Harvel and Union County Sheriff’s Office Detective Asa Busby were guest speakers at The Fellowship House Rising Up for Change Coalition meeting on Jan. 14.

Twelve community members were present at The Fellowship House Prerevention office in Anna for a PowerPoint presentation. 

The discussion emphasized the danger of methamphetamine, including the drug’s effects on the human body, as well as how powerful and addictive meth is. 

The topic was chosen to bring awareness because Union County is experiencing an increase of meth-related arrests, the coalition reported in a news release.

Harvel shared pictures of different types of meth. 

Some short-term effects of the drug which were presented included weight loss, insomnia, hallucinations, confusion and anxiety. 

Pictures showed the long-term effects and how fast meth can cause aging to occur.

The coalition noted that the images “left many viewing them gasping or speechless.” 

The destruction and devastation on the skin, causing holes and sores, tooth decay and a tired, weary look were strongly evident on the outside appearance. 

Internal long-term effects which were discussed included permanent damage to the liver, kidney and lungs. 

Meth users also experience damage to the brain, depression and respiratory problems. 

Users become addicted quickly to meth after starting the drug, sometimes even addicted after one-time use. 

Busby brought in actual examples of items that are found in and around homemade meth labs. 

He discussed the dangerous process of making this drug and how highly explosive these labs and items can be. The items were shared to educate on what to be aware of. 

Busby stressed that if any signs of meth or materials are present to call authorities immediately and to never move or touch anything. 

He said that although items may seem harmless, if they are moved, the motion could potentially cause them to activate and to become explosive.  

The coalition members voiced their appreciation to Harvel and Busby for the time and information they shared.

The Union County Sheriff’s Department is located in Jonesboro and can be contacted at 833-5500. 

Information about prevention, intervention and treatment is available by contacting The Fellowship House at 833-4456. 


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