Dongola School announces honor roll students, those with perfect attendance

The Dongola School District has announced second quarter honor roll students, as well as students with perfect attendance. 

Superintendent’s Honor Roll

Seniors, superintendent’s honor roll: Journee Rushing, Hailey O’Dea, Bethany Qualls. 

Juniors, superintendent’s honor roll: Dailee Cummins, Breanna Smith, Ashley Sullens, Jayden Westbrooks.

Sophomores, superintendent’s honor roll: Alex Ames, Michelle Wolford, Madi Boner, Maddie Keller.

Freshmen, superintendent’s honor roll: Melanie Altamirano, Connor Crider, Autumn Dixon, Brooklyn Hogue, Madison Delgadillo, Kristien Duckworth.

8th grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Ariana Cosenza, Presley Hoffman, Peyton Lingle, Mady Mead, Katlyn Smith.

7th grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Cheyenne Felder, Blake Herren, DJ Higgins.

6th grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Katie Theis, Kiara Aden, Kinley Lingle.

5th grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Jersey Wright, Jayda Shepard, Chloe Rowley, Jessie Quinn, Kurt Petrich, Valerie Peppers, Dawson Nicholas, Korina Mize, Dakoda Merydith, Louella Lumbley, Kinsey Kahl, Drake Hilliard, Seth Eddleman, Sadie Cross, Dusti Bracken, Mikyla Bean, Antonio Altamirano.

4th grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Caroline Wright, Ashlynn Welch, Daisy Urban, Michael Rossi, Henry Maginel, Caleb Gaddis, Joseph Conkle, Philip Bracken. 

3rd grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Hunter Waid, Reaslyn Shepard, Eli Laminack, Carleigh Lewis, Kyle Holderfield, Natalee Gaddis, Benjamin Flores.

2nd grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Skyli Zinn, Daylon Williamson, Zoey Thorne, Jersey Shepard, Scarlet Myer, Benjamin Melvin, Rilee Lytle, Joey Johns, Avery Thomas, Frank Gaddis, Deyton Francis, Whitney Conkle, Ruger Chick, Kaden Ames, Nathan Aden. 

1st grade, superintendent’s honor roll: Kye Wheaton, Layne Vernon, Kourtney Vanderpool, Liam Robinson, Lucas Sharp, Hunter Kissiar, Catelynn Newell, Brantley Hoffman, Brooklyn Gaddis, Conway Smith, Aleena Pfau.

Honor Roll

High school honor roll: Jamie Anderson, Cameron Halphen, Destiny Tellor, Cameron Hogue, Michael Sevenski, Andrew Tarpley, Joey Thomas, Robbie Hammond, Billy Thomas.

Junior high honor roll: Logan Gore, Payton Hilliard, Catherine Thomas, Isaiah Pitts, Charlie Aden, Hailey Wright, Julian Westbrooks.

Elementary honor roll: Aaron Wiseman, Hunter Wasuleski, Nathan Aden, Chance Melvin, Alivia Mead, Daniel Holderfield, Jenna Casey, Eli Stroehlein, Katlyn Smith, Brian Neal, Bailey Griffin, Kenleigh Wheaton, Jessie Welch, Reagan Quinn, Serenity Miller, Maddie Moss, Jimmy Wallace, Miley Sturgeon, Collin Smith, Eric Reed.

Perfect Attendance

High school perfect attendance for the second quarter: Charlie Duty, Madison Delgadillo, Kristen Duckworth, Michelle Wolford, Brooklyn Hogue, Alex Ames, Addyson Zeschke.

Junior high perfect attendance for the second quarter: Cristian Perez, Cheyenne Felder, DJ Higgins, Avery Kinslow, Mady Mead.

Elementary school perfect attendance for second quarter: Blaze Smalley, Jayda Shepard, Chloe Rowley, Gabbie Hight, Seth Eddleman, James Stein, Brian Neal, Bailey Griffin, Riley Lytle, Natalee Gaddis, Jersey Shepard, Layne Vernon, Frank Gaddis, Colton Heffner, Sebastain Harper, Harper Griffin, Jack Gaddis.



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