Illinois ‘Smart State’ initiative underway

The State of Illinois’ Department of Innovation and Technology, DoIT, recently hosted the Smart State Roadmap Workshop.

The event was a two-day workshop to pursue becoming the first “Smart State” in the nation.

The workshop had more than 50 participants including Deputy Gov. Trey Childress, state agency heads, city officials, businesses, universities, national labs and non-profits. 

The workshop expanded on the success of the initial Smarter Illinois event held in April 2016 that jump started the state’s technology transformation efforts. 

The workshop was delivered by the Smart Cities Council, whose partners and advisors have contributed to more than 10,000 smart cities projects internationally.

A smart state uses information and communications technology to enhance livability, workability and sustainability in its cities, towns, rural areas and state agencies. 

A Smarter Illinois is preparing for the future by harnessing digital transformation in a socially inclusive way that also strengthens business opportunities as well as the state’s brand.

Key goals of the smart state initiative include improving the overall efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility of government services; creating an attractive climate for businesses and entrepreneurs; increasing state GDP; and establishing a leadership position as a smart state, all while keeping enterprise security and privacy at the forefront and preparing our workforce for the future.

During the workshop, several key action areas were prioritized with accompanying goals, assigned leadership roles and designated project partners, including the following:

Applying sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) to buildings and streetlights.

Enhancing mobile citizen engagement and delivery of government services.

Developing a procurement platform to obtain better pricing through volume discounts and streamline city and state purchasing.

Generating more benefits from the existing portfolio of state assets.

Creating a more business-friendly state supported by a digital portal.

Applying smart cities standards.

Reviewing policy and regulations to remove barriers to implementing smart technologies.

Establishing a Smart Illinois brand.

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