Illinois Sheriffs’ Association warns Illinois residents about phone scam

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association is advising all Illinois county residents that there is currently underway a phone campaign fraudulently using the name “Disabled Police and Sheriffs Foundation” in their solicitation. 

Although the number appears to resonate with an Illinois company that is not the case.

Charities often solicit donors under multiple names. It is also listed as one of the “Top 50 Worst Charities.”

CharityWatch is aware of this charity soliciting donors using the following names:

American Police and Sheriffs Association; DPSF; and Police Officers Safety Association.

This group is not registered with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office according to the Charitable Database maintained by General Madigan’s Office. 

They are also not associated with any Illinois Sheriff or legitimate police organization in Illinois.

Telemarketing fraud costs billions of dollars each year. Phone solicitors who want you to "act immediately" or are offering a "too good to be true" opportunity are most likely fraudulent. 

Remember that if you have any doubts, or are highly pressured, just hang up.

You have the right to ask for the following information:

The name, address and phone number of the organization for which they are soliciting.

The name, address and phone number of the telemarketing firm.

The percentage of every dollar paid to the telemarketing firm.

Insist on something in writing prior to making a pledge or commitment.

If you cannot get the answers to these questions do not hesitate to hang up the phone. 

Although, there are some legitimate organizations that use telemarketers for their fundraising efforts the Sheriffs of Illinois, through the Illinois Sheriffs' Association, are adamantly opposed to police groups and associations using telemarketers in their fundraising efforts. 

Again, the Illinois Sheriffs' Association never solicits by phone. Should you receive a call from someone saying they represent your local sheriff or the Illinois Sheriffs' Association and are asking for donations contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately or gather as much information as you can from the caller and report it to the Illinois Sheriffs' Association at

The Illinois Sheriffs' Association never solicits by phone but does conduct a direct mail campaign throughout the state of Illinois endorsed by the individual Sheriffs across Illinois.

Telemarketing tips

Offers too good to be true usually are. Ask to receive the “unbelievable deal” or the “amazing prize offer” in writing so you can read it carefully before making a commitment. 

Never give out your personal information over the phone or internet unless you have initiated the contact. Legitimate business callers will never ask you for this information over the phone. 

If a caller asks you to pay for an offer in advance or asks for your credit card number or Social Security number, tell the person you don’t give out personal information over the telephone and hang up. 

Remember that legitimate telemarketers won’t be turned off if you use these techniques. They will appreciate dealing with an educated consumer.

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