Legislator calls on governor, lawmakers to work together on full-year Illinois budget

As the historic 100th  Illinois General Assembly prepared to meet in Springfield, State Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, on Jan. 18 called on both Gov. Bruce Rauner and his fellow lawmakers to come to the negotiating table to do what is best for the residents of Illinois.

Phelps represents the 118th District in Southern Illinois. Part of Union County is in the district.

Phelps said that he was asking them to work together to pass a balanced full-year budget for Illinois.

“I believe that the state’s budget is the most critical issue at hand right now, and it needs to be addressed immediately,” Phelps said in a news release.  

“It is the governor’s responsibility to propose a balanced budget, but he has not done so since he took office two years ago. It is time for Governor Rauner to stop holding Illinoisans hostage, and work with lawmakers to pass a responsible, balanced, full-year budget.”

Phelps said that despite Rauner not proposing a budget for the state, he and other lawmakers pushed to pass a temporary budget to fund programs and essential services, such as Community Care Programs and breast and cervical cancer screenings. 

Phelps also recently supported Senate Bill 2051, which would have provided a full year’s funding for MAP grants and other essential services that the state’s most vulnerable residents rely on.

“I agree with the governor that Illinois’ business climate needs improvement; however, I do not think that the way to create more jobs is by racing our way to the bottom through wage cuts or the stripping of workers’ rights just to increase profits for businesses,” Phelps said.  

“I will not support reforms that hurt hard-working, middle-class families, but I will work to pass legislation that ensures corporations pay their fair share, and outlaw future tax incentives for corporations that ship American jobs overseas.”

Phelps also voted in support of extending the Illinois Economic Development for a Growing Economy, or EDGE tax credits, which would provide credit for businesses who create new jobs and for employers who hire skilled workers and engineers. The bipartisan bill passed both the House and the Senate.

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