Shawnee High School senior government students who worked on teams for presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton gathered for a photo following a mock debate. The debate was held last Friday afternoon in the gym at Shawnee Junior-Senior High School in Wolf Lake.

Mock debate, election held at Shawnee High School

Trump scores win over Clinton in voting

Students portraying the nation’s two major political parties’ presidential candidates faced off during a mock presidential debate which was held last Friday afternoon at Shawnee Junior-Senior High School in Wolf Lake.

The event involved 27 high school government students taught by Jamie Nash-Mayberry. The students spent a month preparing for the mock debate. 

Nick Baltzell filled the role of Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in last Friday afternoon’s mock debate. Wyatt Hassebrock portrayed Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. 

The mock debate covered a wide range of issues, with each candidate explaining why he, or “she,” would be the best choice as the next president of the United States. School principal Mike Hanson served as the moderator.

The roles of Secret Service agents, who stood behind each of the candidates during the debate, were filled by Madi Ellet, Drew McLane, Zack Phelps and Jurnee Brown.

At the end of the debate, each student/candidate shared final comments.

Candidate Trump restated that he was “here to make America great again.”

Candidate Clinton declared that “right now, America is a role model...people look up to us.”

Following the debate, a mock election was held. Students in grades 6 through 12 participated in the voting. 

A tally of the ballots showed Trump with 106 votes and Clinton with 76.

A mock vice presidential candidates debate was held prior to Friday’s event; that debate was posted on YouTube. The roles of the vice presidential candidates were filled by Tyrik Davis, as Mike Pence, and Zach Clardy as Tim Kaine.

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