We had so much fun with our critter collage last week that we decided to try another one...the goose (and goslings), the bluebird and the hawk were spotted during various meanderings in our little corner of the world. When I looked closely at the goose, the feathered critter appear to have a smile on its beak. Really.

Kitty's curiosity leads to big adventure...

Please Read This...

So much time...so much space...so little to write about...

Yes, folks, we’re keeping with a theme which began a couple of weeks ago. Trouble is, my brain was a wee bit foggy early this week. I’m thinking it was the pollen and various other wonderful things that were floating around in the soupy Southern Illinois spring time air. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one dealing with such things.

Well, when all else fails, I once again turned to Bob our cat for inspiration. As he often does, Bob was taking a nap Monday evening after he’d had dinner. Or maybe it was before he had dinner. Bob eats and sleeps so much, the routine gets confusing at times.

Anyway, Bob was asleep in a box. The box might have come from the fine folks at Amazon. I do not remember. We have lots and lots of boxes from Amazon.

Fortunately, none of our boxes have come with a cat inside. At least, not that The Other Half has told me. She keeps hinting that we “need” another cat. Two inside cats and her little buddy outside seem like enough to me. Then again, what do I know?

At least one box from Amazon did indeed come with a cat in it. Maybe you saw the story. Kitty’s home was in Utah. Kitty, being a curious cat (surprise, surprise), found an Amazon box to her liking. Being a cat, she couldn’t help herself. She got in the Amazon box.

Somehow, the story goes, kitty ended up getting accidentally shipped in the Amazon box...all the way to California. Fortunately, kitty had a microchip, which meant that the story had a happy ending. Kitty ended up back home. 

A few years ago, Bob had a bit of a road trip of his own. He didn’t end up in California. He ended up in Decatur. I’m sure Bob probably wished that we had found him another travel agent. 

Bob left home on his road trip to Decatur with all 30 of his pearly whites. When he got back home, soft food was on his menu. Turns out Bob had some sort of cat dental issue, which required a teeth-ectomy. As in all of his teeth. He’s doing fine now. And he eats quite well.

Bob is an energetic, rambunctious and occasionally sneaky kitty. When he gets a chance, he’ll zoom out the door and head at the speed of light to a nearby gully. The gully has a drain pipe which runs under the street. Bob has determined, a number of times, that the drain pipe is a perfect place to hide.

Fortunately for us, Bob does like to eat...and to sleep in a nice, warm comfortable place...so he eventually makes his way back home after an adventure in the drain pipe.

We have made an attempt to “outsmart” Bob, if such a thing is possible for a human being to do with a cat. We acquired a very fashionable orange and black cat leash. You may scoff at the idea of a cat wearing a leash. Bottom line: it works. 

Oh, by the way. The leash came from Amazon. In a box. Without a cat...

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