Looked up...and look at what was looking down...while out wandering around one evening last week, I could hear a couple of owls calling back and forth. Managed to get a photograph of one of ‘em.
This week, a bird, bird, bird is the word...because, well, everybody knows that the bird is the word... ...sorry...just thought you might like to see some photographs of birds I’ve seen while out wandering around during the past couple of weeks... Meanwhile...  ...as if there wasn’t already enough...
We’ll just call the images on this page kind of a collage featuring some of the latest photographs of foxes which were taken while the guy with a camera was out wandering around. At least you don’t have to look at a photograph of a snake again.
Just a bit of a note to start this week...to the driver of the pickup truck who passed a school bus which had stopped to deliver meals...that’s all... My buddy Bob continues to very helpful while I am doing some of the work at home stuff. Bob, as you may recall, is one of our cats. One day last...
We’re sharing this image for the very simple reason that we just happen to like snakes. I’m guessing that most folks don’t think that a snake is anywhere near as cute as a young fox.
This week, how about a challenge for all you song writers out there? See if you can up with some sort of lyrical expression about Al Kaline and John Prine. Maybe a song about the two of them, with a little bit of the coronavirus thrown in, just because. I’m guessing that a lot of folks around our...
Aren’t they cute? Sure they are. Spotted these young foxes while wandering around last Friday evening. Don’t really want to say where we saw them.
Life goes on...even in the drive-thru lane...but you might have to wait for a little while... ...just like you are going to have to wait for this to get to wherever this might be going...that’s because like so many other things these days, we’re not quite sure where things might be going... ...let’...
Normal? Can’t tell you the answer to that one. “Normally,” I would not expect to see turtles and Canada geese hanging out together on a log, but, there they were. Social distancing, however, did not seem to be a concern for these critters.
Normal, it would seem, at least for now, involves a pair of blue gloves when you make a visit to the bank. Normal also involves a couple of rather important words: “social distancing.”  Normal involves being screened by answering a series of questions about your life and health when you make what...
Is this a GOAT or the G.O.A.T.?
This week, we’re going to talk a little bit about February coming to an end, unexpected things which happen on The Journey Through Life and a vaguely remote connection with Tom Brady. February came to an end over the weekend. This year, we were even lucky to have one more day in the shortest month...
A message for Ms. Bo Peep, just in case you are still searching: Didn’t see any sheep in the meadow...not even sure a meadow was spotted...but we did see some cows in the corn during a journey along Big Creek Road south of Anna one bright and sunny morning last week.
So...what are you planning to do with your extra day?  In case you hadn’t already made plans, 2020 is one of those years which includes a February 29 on the calendar. Seems to come around every four years or so. I believe we call it a leap year. And, apparently there is a little bit more to a leap...
Prelude: this photograph has absolutely nothing to do with appliances. With that in mind...a pair of squirrels appeared to be working on breakfast last Saturday morning at a feeder which is on top of some shelves which are on our front porch. Not a slice of toast was to be seen. Do squirrels even like toast? A  moment after the photograph was taken, the squirrel on the top shoved the other critter out of the feeder. The banished squirrel fell about three or feet, went to the edge of the porch, appeared to s
Isn’t there some sort of rule that says if things are going to break, there will actually be three things that break? One morning last week, yours truly began the day by stumbling through the usual morning routine, which included making a pot of coffee and a couple of slices of toast for breakfast...
Real? Nope. At least not in the sense that it was really alive. This version of a copperhead snake can be seen at the visitors center at Giant City State Park, where a program about Snake Road in Union County was presented last weekend. Copperheads are among the species which might be seen on a visit to Snake Road.
Not all that many years ago, a fellow traveler on The Journey Through Life who, at the time, was toiling at The Paragraph Factory, commented that she did not think yours truly was bored very often. Her observation was, as they say, spot on. And that certainly would have been case last Friday,...
t was a dark and snowy night...always wanted to write those words...and, indeed, it was dark, and it was snowing when the photograph was taken Wednesday night, January 29, while yours truly was motoring home after another day of toiling at The Paragraph Factory.
As sometimes happens in this space, we’re going to have a little bit of this...and a little bit of that...depending on where our simple little mind takes us... ...along with an even more shameless than usual plug for an upcoming event in our little corner of the world... ...here we go... ...if a...


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